City Overview from the Citadel

In the far background of the picture bellow is a view of the Citadel of Cluj-Napoca, also called the Fortress hill, situated at the left bank of the Somesul Mic river.

View of the Citadel  hill of Cluj-Napoca in the far background

Not much left of the old, XVII-th century fortress that used to protect the town except some buildings, corner-bastions and gates but still it is worth to climb the stairs up to the hill, for the beautiful landscape and panoramic view of the city.

City overview of Cluj Napoca from the top of Citadel HillI have some more photos about my town in this earlier post, if you would like to see them.
Have a nice time visiting.

Buildings in Cluj-Napoca - cityscapes

The Continental building in Cluj NapocaCluj-Napoca is the largest Transylvanian city, known as Klausengurg to the Germans and Kolozsvar to the Hungarians.
The main square, resplendent with 18th and 19th century buildings and home to many shops and restaurants, is dominated by the 15th century St. Michael's Church(Biserica Sfantul Mihail), one of the most beautiful examples of gothic architecture in Romania.

St. Michael's Church
Saint Michael Cathedral

It was erected between 1350 and 1487 on the site of the former St. Jacob's Chapel. The altar, built around 1390, is the oldest part of the church. The most recent section is the tower, erected in neo-gothic style in 1860. The star-shaped vault, the stained-glass windows and the sculptures impress with their beauty and grandeur. Repeated restorations revealed early 15th century murals. The latest restoration took place between 1957 and 1960.

The left side of the Banffy PalaceThe square also claims the 18-th century baroque Banffy Palace (at the right), built between 1774 and 1775,an imposing former residence of the Austro-Hungarian governors, designed by the German architect, Johann Eberhard Blaumann. Now it is housing the weaponry and Romanian art collections of the Cluj National Art Museum.
A beautiful overview of the town is to be seen from the top of the Citadel.
Feel free to visit a whole photo album of this beautiful town.

Diesel, the Westie, chasing cat-Westie photo

This is my neighbor's new Westie, a sweet West Highland White Terrier. His name is Diesel.
Westie puppy photo-West Highland White Terrier
This little puppy is only three month old but is already chasing the cats in the yard.
Westie puppy chasing the cat

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