Folk Art - Traditional Pottery -Handpainted Ceramics

I took these photos at the annual autumn fair organized this year in Cluj Napoca.
These are folk art objects and souvenirs offered by the craftsmen and folk artists for sale.

Ceramic objects from Korond (Corund) on a market table
Folk art is dependent upon the traditions and materials of the given community and region, rather than artistic "movements" or "schools." Art tends to involve things like potteries, one of the most ancient arts, wood carving, and fabric work (like weaving) These art objects between their practical use also tend to be applied art - artistic objects.

Romanian Pottery from Corund (Korond)

Romanian pottery is still made mainly on traditional kick-wheels with simple finishing tools. Shapes, sizes and patterns reflect the different clays and cultures of diverse areas where are produced. Color glazes and decorations vary from strong geometrics, to delicate florals, animals and humans. In the photos bellow you can see some beautiful hand painted ceramic vases.
Ceramic vases from Korond (corund) at a market place
There are many pottery centers throughout the country, each with its own distinctive style, but the best known in Transylvania is Korond (Corund). It is a large village of Harghita county (in Transylvania) inhabited mainly by Szekely and Hungarian population.

Hand painted ceramic plates.
image of hand painted ceramic wall plates image of hand painted ceramic wall plates
Being one of the greatest Transylvanian and European center of folk ceramics and pot industry, Korond (Corund ) means the survival of folk art by continuing our traditions and it also means the welfare of the locals at the same time.
Some of these artists can be contacted at: (if interested).


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I found your site while looking for blogger help. Have joined both. I was an amateur photographer in a past life. Actually had some stuff published, 1 local mag cover, industrial. My wife and sis in law are into pottery. Wife does tile murals in the old california style. Anyway, great job in both the art side and techy side.

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