Renaissance Days - Autumn Fair at King Matyas's place

This is a part of the old town (Cluj) called the Museum square and you can see in the photo how the place look like during the "Renaissance Days" autumn fair for craftsmen and folks art a few weeks ago.
Craftsmen's autumn fair, folks art objects
Two students playing fine music at the fair
Craftsman making glass objects
The most interesting artisan articles offered for sale were beautiful ceramics from Korond (Corund), objects made of straw or corn husk, wool, timber, wood and textiles from Kalotaszeg.

Actually, in spite of the changes brought about by time, governed by modern technologies, in all the regions of Romania the folk craftsmen continue to exist, to build up houses of wood, to shape the gates of their households into triumphal arches, to make their tools and objects necessary to the household, making pottery, painting on wood and glass.

Short history of the place.

The building where King Matyas was born King Matyas memorial plate
King Matyas memorial plate
The Birth-Place of King Mátyás (Matei Corvin)

The wife of János Hunyadi, Erzsébeth Szilágyi housed in this house all the time she came to Cluj. She gave birth at 23 February 1443 to her son here as well, who 17 years later was elected to be the King of Hungary and Prince of Transylvania. The building which houses his memorial house is considered a valuable historical monument. Elements of the Gothic style can be noticed in the architecture and the decorations of the house. Today only the façade keeps the original eying.
Today, the oldest storied building of Cluj gives place to the Ioan Andreescu Art-Academy.


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