Funny dog photos - big dogs

I love dogs, I can't help it and of course, they love me back.
In the following dog photos I show you a few funny faces from my photo collection.

The Hungarian Komondor

Don't you ever think that this dog is neglected; he is a champion among his kind. His hair must never be brushed or combed. Its coat is divided into cords and trimmed and it is always white. He needs a lot of bathing and takes a long time to dry.
Because this breed is bred to work independently as a flock guardian, the Komondor is very territorial and highly protective of his family, house, car, and livestock. He is a smart dog, but easily bored, loyal to and respectful of his master, but fierce against threats to his charges.
The Hungarian Komondor-a huge breed dogA huge Hungarian Komondor - portrait
So, if anybody who wants a pet like him, must establish clear rules for discipline and dominate him as he can be very willful if he is stronger minded than the humans around him.
In my opinion, that makes him more adorable.

In the following two photos you can see the young German Shepard of one of my friends, a sweet little guy. No wonder he is tired after so much "landscape rendering" and eating up all my desert.
Young German Shepard portraitTired German Shepard with his mouth open

A beautiful Saint Bernard watching over the property in the nightI took the next photo of this beautiful Saint Bernard in the dark, from the street. As I have some privileges by dogs (because I love them), he let me take the picture, though he was barking when other admirers stopped near the house.
We all know what he is capable of when it comes to saving human life.
Unfortunately I can't keep such a large beauty in my home, but I admire them, where ever I can.

You may want to have a look at Diesel, an adorable puppy too.


Annabelle said...

awwww....i love dogs too....

the first dog has dreds lol its cute

the second one wants to tell u something

and the thrid is sticking his tongue out at the neighbors kitty!!

^^ cute pics

Anonymous said...

Lovely and cute photos..I like the dog open it's big mouth

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