New mallard baby ducklings

A mallard duck family with new ducklings is settled on the lake of the Botanical Gardens.
The Botanical Garden in my town has a little lake in a part called Japanese Garden.
I saw these beautiful new baby ducks there and I captured them on video while their parents learn them to search for food. The video is at the bottom of the post.

Japanese Garden
Little bridge
Duck family with the new ducklings
Morning bath by duck family
White waterlilies

To see some beautiful mallard duck close-up photos visit this other post.

Modern buildings in Cluj Napoca - Biscuit Building

Here are a few interesting buildings built in the last 20 years in Cluj Napoca.
Some of them are not even finished, like the so-called Biscuit Building (Cladirea Biscuite-Romanian spelling).
The Biscuit Building reflecting it's old neighborhoodHere is where the name of the building comes from.
The Biscuit Building in Cluj Napoca-south frontand here is the old neighborhood.
The Biscuit Building in Cluj Napoca-north frontMirror mirror, tell me...
The biscuit building reflecting it's surroundings These are glass-fronted buildings, usually high-rise and they offer beautiful reflections of their surroundings, for the viewer.
The last picture shows the Transylvania Bank building, also glass-fronted .
Transylvania Bank building-glass-fronted
See also some new churches with organic architecture.

Apple blossoms - Macro photography

Beautiful apple blossom close-up Apple blossom macroApple blossom with a bee-closeupApple blossoms on a branch

Have a look at more beautiful spring blossoms at this previous post.


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