Modern buildings in Cluj Napoca - Biscuit Building

Here are a few interesting buildings built in the last 20 years in Cluj Napoca.
Some of them are not even finished, like the so-called Biscuit Building (Cladirea Biscuite-Romanian spelling).
The Biscuit Building reflecting it's old neighborhoodHere is where the name of the building comes from.
The Biscuit Building in Cluj Napoca-south frontand here is the old neighborhood.
The Biscuit Building in Cluj Napoca-north frontMirror mirror, tell me...
The biscuit building reflecting it's surroundings These are glass-fronted buildings, usually high-rise and they offer beautiful reflections of their surroundings, for the viewer.
The last picture shows the Transylvania Bank building, also glass-fronted .
Transylvania Bank building-glass-fronted
See also some new churches with organic architecture.


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