Gorgeous Orchids - Macro photography

I love orchids. They are gorgeous flowers in such a large variety of colors and shapes.
I can have these exotic beauties only as indoor plants.
Orchids are very slow growing and also difficult to grow.
Here are some pictures of this delicate flower:
This soft, purple orchid with it's velvety petals is a striking beauty.
Soft purple orchid
Pink Orchid close-up
Pink Orchid close-up
Lavender Orchid
Lavender Orchid
Lady's Slipper Orchid - Cypripedium calceolus

I found this one in our Botanic Gardens in Cluj Napoca.
It is quite a beauty with it's vivid colors and slipper form.
Yellow Lady's Slipper OrchidAnd here is a beautiful white orchid.
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Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful. You have a very good eye for beauty.

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