Raindrops on roses - pictures of roses - macro photos

On a sad rainy day the roses are still smiling under the heavy raindrops.
The rain could not stop me to take lots of photos.
So, if you have a few moment, watch the rest of the rose photos in the video at the bottom of this post in the company of Gheorghe Zamfir and his beautiful panflute music.
Have a great time.
Yellow rose in the rain
Yellow rose with raindrops
Red rose in the rain
Pink rose with raindrops
Yellow-pink rose with waterdrops
See also some beautiful wild rose pictures.


Janet said...

Your photos are beautiful! I especially like the photos of the peach colored roses and the ones with just a tiny bit of pink on their edges.

Anonymous said...

Great Pink show on the Roses. Love the capturing of the water droplets. Great job Maiat!

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