Walk in the Park - Landscape photos

A walk in the park is a common event although it seems to loosen the tension in our thoughts and brings up new energies for creative ideas.
Our Central Park in Cluj is a very frequented place but still we can have a nice conversation on a stroll and escape from everyday worries.
Autumn landscape -reflections on the lake
Both photos represent the same place and landscape in different seasons and colors.
The above photo was captured last autumn and bellow is a summer landscape of the same lake in the park.
Summer landscape, boats on the lake
Each time I feel I am having a singular, private experience that is worth to be recorded in photographs again and again.
Shadows of the trees on the grass
Events and memories are imprinting themselves on a particular place, photographs reinforce time and beauty from the present before they slip away to the past.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I never thought of using the reflection as you do. What a delightful aspect.
I'm now Following your blog and am looking forward to seeing all you've got!
Thank you.
Roberto (Bob)

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