Wild rose pictures - rose hip tea

I took the first two photos in June in the Botanic Gardens where they have many species of wild roses of all colors. The flowers of these species are much bigger than the common wild rose flower.
White wild rose with bright yellow stamens-close up
Pink wild rose against a green background of rose leaves.The flowers are gone now and we are waiting for the rose hips.

Here in Europe it is very popular to make rose hips into jam, jelly, syrups or tea.
We just have to wait till the first frost as the hips are best picked immediately after that.
My favorite is the rose hip herbal tea.
Dried, the hips keep well, and will always be available in winter.
Rose hips are extremely high in vitamin C, so the tea is acid-tasting, but not as sharp as lemon juice.
Dried rose hips need to be boiled about 15 minutes till the hips expand, split, to make a tee of them. So this is not an instant tea.
I usually leave the rose hips in cold water over night and in the morning boil them for a few minutes. The resulted tea has a pinkish color and an excellent taste and smell.
Try it!


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