Bella - Samoyed dog photos

Meet my newest friend!
This beautiful dog is Bella, a very classy lady with a well deserved name. She is a beautiful Samoyed dog also known as Samoiedskana Sobaka and nicknamed Smiling Sammy.
Beautiful white Samoyed dog portrait in a sitting position
Bella is very friendly and playful and has always a happy expression on her lovely face.
The Samoyed needs a fair amount of daily exercise.
Her loving family, like many other dog owners, takes her out to the nearby river, where she can run and play together with other dogs.
This beautiful coat that appears white has a hint of silver coloring. It is kept very clean looking with only brushing and minimal bathing, as dirt falls from the outer layer of the fur with little work.
Besides Samoyeds are very good about grooming themselves.
Samoyed dog named BellaThough the dense coat is somehow uncomfortable for Bella in summer temperatures, it is not advised to shave it. The Samoyed's fur acts as an insulator against both cold and moderate heat , and protects the dog's light colored skin from burning in the sun.

Short history of the Samoyed breed:

This dog has become known by the name of a population of hunters and fishermen known as Samoyeds.
Since ancient times there has lived in Siberia this gentle, nomadic tribe of family groups using a beautiful white dog in their daily activities: to herd reindeer, pull sledges and keep them warm in the harsh Siberian winters. The Samoyed people treated their dogs as family members being extremely loving with them. They were accompanied everywhere by them.
As a result of this loving environment, the Samoyed dog became very trustful with humans, gentle with family members, the ultimate companion.
Today the Sam seems more at home on a sofa than in harness; few of us can imagine this beautiful, white coated dog with smiling face, pulling a sled or herding reindeer.


catcent said...

Tu dois être une très bonne photographe, wow tes photos ils sont toutes magnifiques, les macros des fleurs de toute beauté.Merci maia. C'est grace à mon tracducteur de page. A+ bye

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