Goldenrod flowers - Yellow fields

This is my first time for Skywatch Friday!

I took this photo on my way home where the roadside is ablaze with the bright colors of goldenrod.
That means, summer is gone! Still, before leaving, greets fall with an amazing nature's spectacle: the blossoming of goldenrod.
Yellow fields of Goldenrod
Goldenrod flowerThe bright yellow blooms of the Goldenrod waving in the breeze signal the end of summer and begin of fall.

Though from Aster family, goldenrod is a too common plant for special attention, but few wildflowers and weeds offer such a spectacular explosion of color as goldenrod fields.

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Joe Todd said...

Welcome to SkyWatch Enjoyed the photo and the goldenrod didn't even make me sneeze

catcent said...

Très belle photo, avec le vent ca doit être très beau. A+ bye

Chloe m said...

Your photos are just lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog and making a comment.

The Write Girl said...

These are fabulous photos of the sky...welcome to sky watch : )

SandyCarlson said...

Your field is beautiful.

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