Make way for the sun! - autumn sky photos

Today, all day long, big dark clouds were gathering over the city.
It is not sunset time but this big fat cloud tries to overshadow the sun.
Here it comes; make way for the sun!
Sunset, sun partially covered by cloudsCityscape-sunshine with big clouds  on the skyAngry clouds over the hills

A few minutes later the moon is up and the evening silence is a good
time for summing up and reflecting on the day's actions and thoughts.

Moon riseBig tree near a cottage in the evening
Here is another sunset with red clouds.


joo said...

Your photos here are gorgeous!
Have a nice weekend:)

The Write Girl said...

Each photo is lovely and stunning in its own right. I enjoyed viewing your photographs. Happy SWF to you.

catcent said...

La première photo est magnifique, très très belle.Quel beau couché de soleil. Bye A+

April said...

Beautiful photos! The moon looks lovely.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love each of your sky photos! I'm thinking the first couple with the clouds are my favorites. The old buildings are awesome, too.

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