Mushrooms in autumn-tree fungi pictures

On my quick Sunday walk I found this crop of stump mushrooms in the nearby woods.
I don't know much about mushrooms, they are just beautiful photo subjects for me, a typical autumnal scene.
We often see fungi growing on the ground or on the side of trees.Tree mushroom-shelf fungi

Here is an old tree with fungi growing on it's sides. These shelf or bracket fungi have a really sculptural appearance.
They are slowly consuming this dead stump, a beautiful example of the rhythm of life.

"In autumn, the return to unity begins - there is a gentle melancholy in autumn, a peace not found in spring, in which all things seem to return to the one Life of God from which they came."
Dr. J. J. Van Der Leeuw - Fire of creation.

Have a look at this stump covered with moss and mushrooms.
Mushroom on a tree stumpMushroom and moss on a tree stumpMushroom close-up

See also the interesting shelf-like brackets of the Artist's fungus - Ganoderma applanatum


Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Funky fungi!

Thanks for coming by my blog :) I actually deal with a lot of health problems, so instead of spending my day working a job, I get to spend it watching tv and working on different project, that's why I get so much done :)

Linnea said...

Those mushrooms really are cute! Like little villages clinging to the hillside. So far it is still too dry around here so no 'shrooms! Thanks for visiting my blog...

Splendid Little Stars said...

rhythm of life--beautiful expression. Love the quote, too. Your photos are stunning!

catcent said...

Tes photos sont très belles, la dernière de l'arbre de toute beauté Bye A+

Janie said...

I like the autumn colors on the tree, and the mushrooms are beautiful. Great photos!

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