Sunflower pictures-fluffy sunflower

Not many flowers can be so cheerful as sunflowers.
I love the brown sunflower head surrounded by the bright yellow, silky petals.
Two cheerful sunflowers against a warm colored background-close-up
Sunflower detail close-up
Sunflower detail close-up
and this fluffy sunflower with it's many petals is quite pretty and ornamental too.
Fluffy sunflower


catcent said...

Très jolis,presque le tag jaune. Bye Maia

SquirrelQueen said...

The sunflowers are gorgeous, they are always so bright and happy. I really like the last one, I have never seen one like that before. Your photos are beautiful.

April said...

The sunflowers are so lovely. You really caught their sunny sweetness just right. Wonderful photos!

Janie said...

Beautiful macros of the sunflower!

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