Sunset on the river - Sunset photos

The last sun rays before sunset brighten nature's autumn colors along the river.
It is only a five minutes walk from my home to this bridge I'm taking these shots from. I like this place, it offers a beautiful perspective and many beautiful nature scenes.
Sunset on the Somesul Mic river

Day's journey is done, but the light of day, now almost buried in the night, refuses to let go.

October river sunset
Moon rise in October
The Moon, the jewel of the night, is waiting to take over, on the other side of the mighty sky. She is the one to give light in the emptiness of the night.
The sun fades before her wild beauty and greats her creating a special glow that swirls upon the water.


squirrel said...

Beautiful. Good shot of the moon, I find it difficult to photograph.

annalarssonphotography said...

Beautiful colours in your shots!
Have a great weekend!

Jane Hards Photography said...

The peachy sunlight is gorgeous.

Rune A Karlsen (Bildebloggen) said...

Beautiful photos and colurs!

Photo Cache said...

Lovely set of images. Love the lighting on the first one.

LV said...

What a lovely route to take and enjoy each day. Very nice pictures of your part of the country.

Tabib said...

Beautiful 'jewel of the night'.

Splendid Little Stars said...

lovely images and words!

catcent said...

Tes couleurs d'automne sont comme au Québec très beau. Bye A+

Janie said...

Beautiful poetic thoughts and great photos. I especially like the sunset.


Beautiful autumn colors! And that second shot is awesome!
Thanks for visiting!

Jean-Luc said...

the colors and the lights of Autumn ! u catch them so perfectly

congrats , Maia

Have a nice day

Bradley Hsi said...

Beautiful shots and like the Fall color.

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