Afternoon walk-last colors of autumn

Some more autumn colors and sunny days before the colorless winter definitely takes them away from us.Last autumn leavesAutumn trees-yellow leaves
Sunny autumn day-river sceneEnjoying the last sunny days on the banks of the Somesul Mic river.


Jossie said...

Wonderful shots. I love that warm golden glow. Not much left of it now.

Arija said...

Beautiful, beauiful autumn colours, just delightful.

Bonnie said...

What beautiful colors!

christina said...

Bautiful shots of autumn!

catcent said...

La dernière photo est tres belle,magnifique. bye maia

indicaspecies said...

I have been enjoying so much of fall colors but can never have enough.
Thank you for these beautiful images, and they certainly make great shots for SWF. Have a lovely day.

Janie said...

Your autumn colors are beautiful. Great shots.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm glad you took us along on your stroll to enjoy these sunny scenes. That first photograph took my breath away. GORGEOUS!


Sheila :-)

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