Crows gathering-silver sky

I took this silver sky picture during a visit to the cemetery. At first it was quiet but after a few minutes everything changed and the familiar late autumn scene of crow congregation began. The crows perched by the hundreds in the treetops above the cemetery gathering into huge flocks making a terrible noise with their 'kra-kra-kra'.
Some people find them very fascinating birds. Crow behavior and ingenuity provoked legend and myth in dozens of cultures across centuries and continents.
They say that crows are the most social and intelligent species of all birds; they respond to human actions, imitate a large number of sounds including whistles, cats, machines and the human voice.

Crows are curious too; shiny objects like bits of glass fascinate them.

This is the hooded crow,

or 'hoodie' is to be found across northern, eastern and southeastern Europe, and the Middle East. It has a two-color plumage; the body is a dirty gray, while the wings, tail, head and bib are black.
and this is a

carrion crow (Corvus corone)

They are very similar; both are around the same shape and size but this one is just black.

I've found this beautiful drawing of the two, previously mentioned birds.
This image comes from the book "Natural history of the birds of central Europe" (Naturgeschichte der Vögel Mitteleuropas) of 1905 or his earlier works. The copyrights for those books have expired and this image is in the public domain.

Johann Friedrich Naumann (February 14, 1780 – August 15, 1857) was a German scientist and editor, the founder of scientific ornithology in Europe.


... said...

Great photos! The sky is beautiful, I like the pastel coloured clouds.
Interesting reading about the crows.

Have a nice weekend :)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Maia, Thanks for coming to my blog. Please come back anytime. I am enjoying yours. Your flower videos are fabulous!!!! My hubby and I grow roses --and have about 50 rose bushes in our yard. We also grow lots of other flowers --mostly perennials.

Interesting post about crows. We have HUGE black ones here--and they can HOLLER. Someone said that they scare OFF the hawks --which is a good thing since I feed my backyard birds.


Janie said...

BEautiful pictures of the birds and sky. Interesting to see the differences between the hooded and carion crows.

Gattina said...

Skies with crows ! Very nice ! I have seen a lot of crows now during my holidays in Egypt. They were very noisy especially early mornings, lol !

bobbie said...

Very beautiful skies!
When birds congregate like that and start their din, it always makes me chuckle. They just seem to want to be sure everyone knows they are there.

catcent said...

De belles photos,nous au Quebec les corneilles et corbeaux sont noirs, un mantelé jamais vu.
bye maia

eileeninmd said...

Great photos of the sky, trees and the crows.

Carletta said...

Lovely skies!
I like the crows but I so wish they would stop stealing my birdseed and eating my apples in the fall. :)
Wonderful shots!

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