Election day on - St.Nicholas Day

This Sunday is a very important day in Romania. There are two important event on this day;

Election day.

About 18 million Romanian eligible voters have to choose between incumbent President Traian Basescu and social democrat Mircea Geoana.
The third-place candidate in Romania's presidential election (first round) Crin Antonescu, threw his support behind the Western-backed socialist who faces the centrist president in a runoff seen as key to the country's emergence from political and economic crisis.Road with granite stone pavement  leading to the church.
Romania has been without a government since Oct. 13 when Parliament dismissed Prime Minister Emil Boc in a no confidence vote.
Weeks of political instability led to a euro1.5 billion ($2.2 billion) IMF loan being suspended until Romania has a government and a budget for 2010.
"St. Mary" Calvaria Church - Roman Catholic
"St. Mary" Calvaria Church in Cluj
As today is St. Nicholas day too, most Romanians go to church first. I'm sure they will all receive a good advice to choose the less worth choice for the elections.
St. Nicolas Day greetings

St. Nicholas's day.

December 6th is St. Nicholas's day, an European holiday tradition regardless of religion.
The tradition of St. Nicholas is not synonymous with the role of Santa Claus in the U.S..
In many European countries, the celebration of St. Nicholas is separate from the Christmas holidays, and sometimes St. Nicholas Day is the main holiday for gift giving.

St. Nicolas Day gifts-vintage greeting card
In anticipation of St. Nicholas's nightly visits, children put their shoes or stockings in front of the fire place or in the window for St. Nicholas to fill with gifts during the night. They sing traditional songs and provide a carrot or hay for the horse. At night on Dec 5th/6th St. Nicholas visits many homes and Black Pete, his the helper, puts gifts and candy in the (good) children's shoes. St. Nicholas gifts are meant to be shared, not hoarded for oneself.


Diane AZ said...

Hi, I enjoyed learning about the election and St. Nicolas Day. The shadows at the church are beautiful!

Unknown said...

I particularly love that tree shadow on the side of that building... the color and texture... you can feel it... beautiful...
Really Rainey

Irene said...

Interesting post! Here in Norway we don't "celebrate" St. Nicolas Day, but I know of it because my Dutch familiy. Enjoy the evening!

eileeninmd said...

Thanks for sharing the tradition of St Nicholas celevration. Great photos!

Hey Harriet said...

There is much going in for you today then. A very Happy St. Nicholas Day! And that's a lovely shadowy photo of the church.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Thank you for the update and information! It is such a reminder that life can be rather unstable. I love the shadow shot on the church.

catcent said...

Nous au Québec le St Nicolas c'est pas fêter, ils en parlent même pas.
Comme je vois sur les blogs beaucoup de pays il est très important. By maia A+

Wolynski said...

The church is gorgeous. Good luck with your elections - very funny - people will find inspiration to vote for the worst candidate - heh, heh.

I guess we don't have St. Nicholas day in America, but we have Thanksgiving - any excuse for overeating and watching football.

SquirrelQueen said...

A very informative post, I enjoyed learning about the election and St. Nicholas Day. The shadows on the church are lovely and I really like the pathway between the trees.

Ruthie Redden said...

Maia, thank you for this post, so interesting tol learn of traditions in other places. I love that your St nicholas has a special day. thanks for visiting my faerietale blogx

Vilhelm man said...

I see that you are aware of events in my country, Romania ... by this post have described very large events and I enjoy it.
Merry Christmas and a new year full of accomplishments!

Janie said...

I like your St. Nicholas day traditions.
Hope your country will gain stability and assurance with a new elected official.

Q said...

I have a large collection of wooden shoes and St. Nick used to fill them every year when my children were little....
It is wonderful meeting you. Looking forward to reading your journal and getting to know you.
Happy Holidays,

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