Beautiful white orchid flower-macro photo

Macro flowers are another of my favorite photo subjects.
Here is another example of nature's finest offerings.
Orchids are the most beautiful and fascinating flowers in the world and take amazingly different shapes, forms and colors.
Some orchid blossoms are as small as a mosquito and other orchid flowers are as large as a dinner plate.
Beautiful white orchid-macro photo
I took this macro shot in a flower shop. There was not enough light for a perfect photo but I am satisfied with the outcome.

The orchid family is the largest plant family in nature.
There are about 25,000 to 30,000 known species of orchids around the world and some of these exotic beauties can be grown in our homes as well. Though, I am afraid to try, they look so delicate.
Did you know that the name orchid comes from the Greek word "orchis" which means testicle?

After I wrote this post I bought 10 orchids, during 2010. Two of them were like this one in the picture, but I succeeded to kill one, by over-watering. I still have pictures of it, click the link to see this beautiful, white orchid.

For a while I was very happy with them but then winter came and they have started to hibernate. Every day I check them, hoping to see a new root, at least, but nothing happened, till spring had come. Now there is a new leaf on one of them and a new stem is emerging on another.


eileeninmd said...

Your orchid is photo is simply gorgeous!

Gena @ thinking aloud said...

I too love macro flowers - one really gets to enjoy all the little details which the eye normally misses. Lovely shot. thanks for comment left on my weekend reflections. Gena @ thinking aloud

PS. I am now following you too!!!

Joe Todd said...

You sure keep me busy. Great macro of the flower and your cityscape post and photos are outstanding. Then, I visited Lisa's blog and should have commented on her site but didn't. Been working on photos for MyWorldtuesday post..Have a great week

Craig Glenn said...

Beautiful is right!


Kerri Farley said...

I think it is GORGEOUS! WOW!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

So, so pretty, I always have a difficult time growing them.

kath said...

This is beautiful, I'm tempted to buy an orchid just to have one at home to photograph, but it's so darn cold out I'm not sure I could get it home safely.

teresa said...

Very beautiful! They are amazing flowers. I am a bit curious about how they derived the name though.

Colleen said...

It's beautiful. I hadn't thought of going to a florist shop to get some new flower pics. Great idea.

Christina. Sweden said...

Orchids are always a good choice for Macros, great shot!

SquirrelQueen said...

An incredibly beautiful orchid, you captured it perfectly. I would also love to have one in my home but I don't think it would survive long in my care.

PS, the cityscape photos in the last post are great. I really like all the reflections.

Jama said...

The orchid is so pretty!

Müge said...

Absolutely a very beautiful photo!

Have a delightful new week! :-)

jay said...

You should be satisfied! It's not easy to photograph a white flower with a nice balance of light and contrast, and you did a good job!

Orchids are lovely, aren't they? I have two phalaeopsis, one is in flower right now, but I haven't been able to get a good picture. It's a lemon yellow colour.

Carolyn Ford said...

I love orchids with a passion. I have about 12 that I grow and they are going to bloom in another week or two! This one is gorgeous and I love the light behind it. Beautiful macro!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful is an understatement. The orchid and your flower are stunning.

Unknown said...

I love orchids of all sizes and colors - so beautiful!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous whites in your photo! Stunning!

CameoRoze (Margaret) said...

beautiful lighting

Lovin' Macro Mondays,
Cameo @-->-->---

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