Dark pink peony flower- in macro

Colors usually carry associations of emotions and invoke memories and thoughts.
The visual association I make when I think at pink is always a pink flower. I believe, the reason is that flowers are the only thing nature gave us in this color.
This dark pink-magenta flower is a tree peony blooma very early bloomer peony specie. Dark pink peony-macro photo
Pink represents the universal color of love, expresses feminity, softness and delicacy.
Thus the color itself generates more contradictions than any other color, we associate pink flowers always as positive value.

The variety of pink flowers is overwhelming; here are some of my pink macros:


Indrani said...

Such a lovely macro and lot of info on pink. Great post. :)

Stine in Ontario said...

Beautiful macro! I'm impressed!

Gena @ Thinking Aloud said...

Beautiful macro - it's so sharp and clear and gorgeous pink shade!
I think I need to join Pink Stauday too! hehe!
have a great weekend
Gena @ Thinking Aloud
South Africa

Mary Bergfeld said...

What a gorgeous photo. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

Quilt Works said...

Thank you for a warm welcome! This got to be the friendliest meme in the world!
I love your macros - so crisp and the colors are wonderful!

Betty said...

What a beautiful photograph. Happy Pink Saturday!

♥Mimi♥ said...

♫Happy Pink Saturday♫

Gloomy and gray over in my neck of the woods today so all of the pinks shared this Saturday are so special and cheerful. They remind me that there are more colors than just white, gray and black.Your pinks are wonderful! My goodness - so special☺

I hope your weekend is filled with sunshine surrounded by the laugher of those you love.

Please pray for the people of Haiti. May God bless each and every soul.

Char said...

Oh, I think your photos are gorgeous enough to be on the walls, what beauty, Happy PInk Saturday, Char

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

Fantastic close-up of pink peonies! HPS

Claudia said...

Gorgeous, Maia! You are so talented.

BethieJ said...

Oh this is a BEAUTIFUL flower and photo!! Such a GREAT share on this pink saturday!!
Have a GREAT day!

Light and Voices said...

Happy Pink Saturday! I can always count on seeing excellent photos being posted on your blog. Awesome!
Joyce M

CC said...

Your picture is so beautiful as is the one at top with the snow and berries. What an amazing talent you have. Happy Pink Saturday..I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Very beautiful.

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