Homemade pork goodies-to hell with calorie counting

Look at these homemade pork goodies: smoked sausage and bacon, dry-cured ham, you could eat them with your eye.
These were available only for the winter holidays but I could still have some. They all looked and smelled amazing, having an unbelievable flavor that can't be matched by the industrial sausage or ham found in the supermarket.
Homemade smoked pork goodiesI am crazy about all these smoked pork fillet and chops and dead sick after I eat some.
Just for the holiday season there was a bazaar with some bodegas in the center of the town. This one (second image), selling homemade pork goodies was the most visited and suddenly no one cared about healthy eating and calorie counting.
Pork delicacy in winter time

These "country cured" semi-dry products are cold-smoked for a few days but not cooked through. When frying they shrink to half and their price raises to double.

Curing pork in Romania is a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years. The tradition is a great family event before the winter holidays in the countryside. Many families would cure the meat from a whole pig utilizing every part to make a range of delicious cured sausages packed with herbs and spices.

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Indrani said...

Interesting and tempting food from your world. Wish I could take a bite. :)

jay said...

Aaaah, the do look delicious!! I do love bacon and sausages, and you're right, the supermarket versions are often tasteless or soggy. Not a patch on the country-cured 'real thing'!

serline said...

I'll fried those together with the rice...delicious!

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