Little ladybug-ladybird pictures

We all love ladybugs!
Ladybugs are considered to be a symbol of fortune and good luck; it is believed that to kill one brings inevitable misfortune.
Gardeners and farmers love ladybugs because they do a wonderful job eating an enormous quantity of garden and crop pests like aphids and other soft bodied insects that feed on plants.
The ladybug's beauty and pattern are constant sources of inspiration for arts, poetry, song lyrics, books for children and many other things but most of the time we forget that though she doesn't claim copyrights, there is a living being behind that pattern.
Ladybug close-upOn a late autumn day I've found this lovely ladybug on a chrysanthemum in my balcony. Probably, she was looking for a place to hibernate through the winter.
Boy, I was so happy and took my camera quickly. Taking some photos of a captive ladybird seamed to be an easy task, after all.

I found out soon enough that she didn't share my enthusiasm about the photo session and I had a hard time to keep her on the top of the leaves.

She preferred playing hide and seek, marching back under the leaves or falling to the ground
Ladybug under a leaf and "playing dead", as a defense strategy.
As I had to move her back on the top of the leaves several time, I couldn't expect her to pose for me; though I was waiting to capture the moment when she opens that bright red colored wing case and shows off her delicate, transparent wings.

Instead of pleasing me, she decided better not to fly away; she gathered her short legs "turtle-way" under her tiny, Ladybug in turtle positionhalf-sphere body, taking the defense pose.
There is this irresistible feeling when you see a ladybug of wanting her to stay as long as possible, like in the song:

"Lady bug, lady bug,
How are you today?
Lady bug, lady bug,
Are you going to stay?
Lady bug, lady bug,
Or will you fly away?"
~Unknown author~

Ladybug with seven spotsJust now I realized that my admiration could be a torture to the little gal and that's no proper way to treat a ladybug. I thanked her for the pictures and released her through the window to find a suitable place to hibernate.


SquirrelQueen said...

Your ladybug is beautiful, you captured her colors perfectly. A great series of photos.

They are quite difficult to photograph aren't they? I have had the same problem and have chased them all around a plant. I did manage to get one photo (not great by any means) of the wings.

Quilt Works said...

I love lady bugs! So pretty! For some reason we had a huge number of them this fall, they were covering southern walls trying to find a place to spend the winter!
Wonderful photos, especially the first one! great composotion and lighting.

Withe a smile and a TAG, your cyber friend Quiltworks

bobbie said...

Before you released her, you did manage to get some wonderful photos. They are sweet little creatures.

Michelle said...

Ladybugs have got to be one of the cutest insects! Loved them when I was a kid!

Gorgeous colors in the photo, love the green tones again the red!

Janie said...

Wonderful photo of the ladybug. I love seeing them in my garden.

Light and Voices said...

When I find a ladybug inside the house, I always grab it gently and open the back door and release it. Ladybug, ladybug fly away home! tee hee Nice close up of ladybugs.
Joyce M

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