Mood enhancing-taking photos in winter

As a mood enhancing activity and also to take some new snow photos and show you My World, I've climbed the frozen steps of the Citadel today (the first photo).
There was no other fool up there, so for the first time I was able to take just nature pictures, without any human spoiling the view.
The second photo is a partial view of my town.
Ice covered stairs at the citadel-winter sceneI don't remember having such an unpleasant and ugly winter like this year. Since the first heavy snowfall in December, melted after a few day, mother nature repeats the same pattern; snowfall during nights and rain during the day.

All these shifts in humidity, barometric pressure, the gray sky and absence of light turn me into a different person.
I have to confess, my mood changes with the weather.
View from the Citadel in winterThe best treatment for irritability and tension with weather changes (and other unpleasant things experienced on a day to day basis) is sunshine.
If you don't believe me, just look at those two in the last picture.
The problem is that you can't have it when you want it but today the sun came out for a few hours.
Two dogs lying on the sidewalk

Today, for the first time in many days we had a beautiful blue sky with pinkish clouds (thanks to the wind).
These two poor animals lying on the sidewalk are enjoying the sun too. I am convinced that after they warm up a little, I find them face to face.


Joe Todd said...

My mood changes with the weather also and I'm not sure the "blue moon" helped

Quilt Works said...

That was fun to read! The pictures are beautiful - I love the city just frosted with snow! Rain/snow/rain/snow does not sound like fun at all. Everything must be frozen over and slippery!
The two dogs were funny - prentending that they don't see each tail to tail - like husband and wife who had a fight :)

Sylvia K said...

Your photos are terrific! But I do know how the long winter can take a toll on the fun!! Looks like the dogs are "busy" soaking up the sun!
Hope things warm up some soon!


SandyCarlson said...

The sleeping pups on the rooftop make me want to stretch out. These are marvelous photos.

Glennis said...

I am sure the weather effects our moods, so we are all happier in summer. That might be why we always go to the tropics every winter just to enjoy summer again.

Michelle said...

We're having a horrible winter here. I don't mind the snow but the temperatures have been far below zero. It was so cold a few days ago I was concerned about our animals in the barn!

Love the landscape and the tree in the foreground is very graceful and frames the city nicely.

Rajesh said...

Fantastic snaps. The place is very calm without the human intervention.

Gena @ thinking aloud said...

Hey Maia - lovely pictures - love the stairway and view of the town. I feel for you - winter can really get you down .... but seems the sun is making an effort to improve matters for you!!!! have a great day!! Gena

elvira pajarola said...

Magnificient pictures, ....very lovely these two dogs lying in the warm, dry spot on the it!
have a great day!
ciao elvira

SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful photos Maia, the view of the steps and the town are great. The dogs really seem to be enjoying the sun.

I can really relate to weather and attitude. Our snow is gone for the time being but for the last few days we have had thick fog and rain. I would love to see just a glimpse of the sun.

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