Reflections in a still life-diffused light

I took these photos in my kitchen playing and experimenting with diffused light.
Reflection in the glass of a paintingI know that all of you are photographers and I have a question for you;

For the still life photo at the left:
1. I use a soft, diffused light coming from the kitchen lighting, still the fruits' shadows are sharply defined on the table cloth.

Reflection in the glass of a still life painting2. Thought it is backlight, the texture is emphasized not the silhouette and the shadows are to the right.

What is this picture?

You have a hint in this second photo (bottom right).

Still life on the kitchen wall

It is a part of the kitchen's reflection in one of my pastel paintings, hanging on the kitchen wall.
Fruits, shadows and lights are fake but the reflection is real.
Thanks for playing along. It was easy, wasn't it?

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Coffeedoff said...

I thought it was part of the painting until I read about it! Nice reflection!

Woody said...

Great sequence and clever use of a reflection, especially for the lighting! Well done!!

Malyss said...

Really diificult to see where does the painting end and the reflection begin..Interesting shots! (and your painting is beautyful..)

Suburban Girl said...

Wow, you did an amazing job with that photo. It is beautiful.

Julie said...

Yes, I picked it was a painting just from the colouring of the elements, but I do like your little story and mystery that your text carries along.

Lovely reflection of the kitchen within the painting.

Good post.

Icy BC said...

That's beautiful! It turned out wonderful..

Stine in Ontario said...

That's cool! I'm glad you posted both photos and then explained the reflection.

Thérèse said...

Funny! Nice.

Anonymous said...

That was fun. Nice series and clever too.

SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful photos. I knew that a diffuser should soften the shadows so I figured it must be a painting but I still enjoyed your puzzle. I love the painting by the way, the richness of the colors is stunning.

Erin said...

i like the creative spirit you took in this capture...your painting is lovely too :)

Quilt Works said...

Beautiful! It is nice to see a photo of an original painting by one of the meme members! My guess is that one photo is taken with glass covering the painting, and one is not?

Serendipity said...

Very clever! Nice reflection :)

Gena @ Thinking Aloud said...

You clever girl!!! and wonderful artwork too!
Gena @ thinking Aloud
South Africa

Hilda said...

This was fun! You got my brows knotted while I was staring at your first two photos. Thanks for the game! :)

Happy weekend!

Kat said...

Really neat series of shots, and what a clever, creative idea. Love the artwork. Kathy

Helena said...

Very cool and creative. Your artwork is beautiful!

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