Seagulls on the river-winter migration

A flock of seagulls invaded our Somesul Mic river all the sudden. On their way to the Back Sea they apparently changed their minds and took accommodation in our town.
We are surrounded by mountains here, so we don't have these birds very often.
Left bank of the Somesul Mic river
Above is the river and bellow are the seagulls.
Seagulls in the water
Seagulls on the riverToday it was a wonderful sunny winter day with a clear bright blue sky and -6°C ( 22°F) temperature at noon. This is the winter I like, though my fingers were frozen after I took about 200 photos.
I always find something nice to photograph at the banks of the river and this day was no exception.

This place here is at the western limits of the city , where the river enters the town and flows towards the city center.
Seagull in flight
The river is full of seagulls scaring the usual river population with their frenzied flight and shouting. The surprised wild geese are looking for shelter and the offended crows gathered on the top of trees are protesting very loud.
Everybody was surprised by the migration of the seagulls so late in winter.
Even the dogs coming here every day with their owners, looked surprised by the visit of the new birds.

See newer pictures and more info about our black-headed-gulls.


My name is Riet said...

Oh yes, I love your pictures. Beautiful scenenery

eileeninmd said...

Your pictures are very scenic and great shots of the seagulls.

Quilt Works said...

Nice photos! Worth getting cold for! I love the sweeping curve that leads to the beautiful tower in the city!

Maia T said...

That tower is just a church on the outskirts of the city, the western city limit where the river enters the town.

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