Winter's teeth-winter photos

This last week winter really had shown his teeth, it looked like Siberia had moved to us.
Temperatures had sunk to lows between minus -25°C (-13°F ) during nighttime.
Still during the day the sun was shining and it was more pleasant to stay outside than in the house.
Yesterday, on a beautiful sunshine and blue sky I've captured some more winter photos from the Citadel. It is amazing how all colors come back when the sun shines, no matter the season.

Winter scene with yellow cottage

Citadel in winter


catcent said...

De tres belles photos, -25° c'est plus froid qu'au Québec.
Bye maia A+

Quilt Works said...

I really like combination of whit snow and bright yellow in the house!

Janie said...

Beautiful sky and winter scenes. I really like the bright yellow and red in the first photo.

cat said...

As your photos show, winter can be really beautiful when the sun shines:)

eileeninmd said...

Very pretty and scenic photos, I love both of them. Well done!

Stine in Ontario said...

Winter is harsh but very beautiful. -25? That's cold! Last night was our coldest so far this year at -21°C, not quite as low as you but enough for me to empathize. :)

Victoria said...

Gorgeous..crisp..and poetic! Love this! Great work!

SquirrelQueen said...

Fresh snow always give winter a fresh look, so clean and pure. Beautiful winter scenes.

Janet said...

I believe the redberry bush you photographed is called a Pyracantha. It has beautiful white flowers in the spring and early summer...and as you've so beautifully photographed, red berries in the winter months. Because of the large thorns, its a great place for hummingbirds to nest as the thorns act as a natural defender against larger birds.

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