Spring in Botanical Garden-Cluj Napoca

The Botanical Garden in my town is a beautiful, quiet place for relaxation, the largest green area that somehow was spared of the cruelty of the ongoing real-estate fever.
Founded in 1920 by the university professor Alexandru Borza the Garden belongs at present to the "Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj Napoca.
The Botanical Garden spreads over 14 hectares of hilly land and holds over 10 000 plant species of extremely diverse types from all around the world.
Spring in Botanical GardenThe Botanical Institute is hosted at the location of the Gardens too. Specialists and students from the College of Biology and geology perform their valuable researches here also.
The Garden is divided in many sections; my favorite is the ornamental section which is, as the name indicates, destined exclusively for a decorative purposes. Depending on the season, numerous plant species enchant visitors with their beauty.
Tulips in spring gardenI can tell you, this is photographers' paradise. The beautiful flowers just stand there, being an excellent resource for taking photos. You don't even have to be nice to the florist, like in other places.
In spring over 120 tulip, hyacinth, crocus and daffodil species are waiting to be admired.
Water tower
In the middle of the Botanical Garden there is a water tower. Climbing the stairs up to the top of the tower is rewarded with a wonderful view over the city.
Another sections hold the Roman garden and there is also a medicinal sections and five glass houses.
The Japanese Garden is another spot of great attraction. It has a brook and a Japanese-style box; blossoming magnolias, hibiscus and other ornamental plants make the place very attractive.

Each year I spend long hours in the Botanical Garden taking pictures of spring flowers, so in my future posts I shall share lots of them.


Hilda said...

Sigh. Such beautiful flowers!

bobbie said...

How very beautiful! I imagine that view from the top of the water tower must be really wonderful.

Kala said...

That middle image of the tulips is just gorgeous!

Kathy said...

What beautiful tulips. I'm envious. It's too warm to grown them here in the desert Southwest.

catcent said...

L'endroit a l'air magique avec tous ses fleurs,ça doit être un vrai plaisir de si promener.
Bon WE maia tes photos sont tres belles bye

Dario Ferrari Photos said...

Very nice photos! I really like the colours!!


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