Squirrel crunching on a nut-nature photo

There is a little squirrel on the tree top. He was crunching on something and constantly moving, so I couldn't take a decent picture of it.
Still I treasure this photo because this is the only squirrel I've ever seen in my town, in the Botanical Gardens.
Squirrel crunching on a nut
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Ralph said...

The look of a warm season is so nice, the leaves and branches leaving great shadows. The squirrel looks cute up there. I was not a fan of these creatures before, although I am warming up. We have a mulberry tree in our front yard, and when fruit is available, we get plenty of them and birds searching for the sweet fruit. A nice capture!

Carletta said...

I'm glad you saw the squirrel and no, they don't stay still for long.The shadows on the limb are wonderful!

LeAnn said...

I love squirrels. You have encouraged me to try and get a picture of one! Thanks. ~

Lisa said...

Squirrels are awesome creatures!

Chubby Chieque said...

A wonderful shot! Love the nature ambiance specially you captured the cutie squirrel.

Have a happy heart's day!

eileeninmd said...

Well, I am glad you got to see the squirrel.

Stine in Ontario said...

Ha! Squirrels don'r usually stay still very long, do they? The shadows on the tree are very lovely!

Hey Harriet said...

That's a lovely photo. All the bright green is gorgeous & it looks to be a great spot to hang out if you're a squirrel :)

PS - I've never seen a squirrel up close, so you're luckier than I am!

SquirrelQueen said...

How wonderful, you captured him. They are always moving and very difficult to photograph but you got a great shot. I really like the sunny tree limb and shadows, it looks so warm.

Congratulations on the photo but keep your eyes open there may be more.

Have a wonderful weekend,

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Great shot~
right place at the right time indeed!
plus, it's so cute*

Cassie said...

That's a terrific shadow shot. Well done!

A Wild Thing said...

Now you have me dreaming of summer...I have squirrels outside my window as I write, big, fat, red ones, happily munching away on corn kernels...my dog is going ballistic!!!

Huzaifa said...

maria its a good shot. :)

catcent said...

Tu as très bien réussie byemaia A+

Self Sagacity said...

Cool shot! The greens look like an umbrella!

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