Winter is not over-winter photos

I know, nobody wants to see snow photos any more, but what can I do?
Winter decided to stay some more weeks, so the flower photos will have to wait.
The beautiful white snow decorates the trees and not only;

Snow on tree branchesThe owner of this bike probably did not appreciate taking the bus in the morning.
Motorcycle berried under the snow


Hilda said...

Very unique post for SS, but that first photo is beautiful! I feel sorry for the owner of the scooter though.

Have a peaceful and blessed Sunday.

Stine in Ontario said...

But wait! I love to see snow. It's mud I don't like. :)

How pretty the snow is on the branches!

eileeninmd said...

Cool snow shots, I love the first photo.

catcent said...

Il est mieux d'avoir des pneus d'hiver. huhu
Bon dimanche maia Bye

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