Magnolia trees in bloom-Japanese magnolia pictures

The magnolia flower is such a magnificent bloom and we don't have many of them in our parts.
Though mentioned as Japanese magnolia - Magnolia liliiflora, this small tree or shrub is native to China, not Japan.
Known by various names like Tulip magnolia, red magnolia, Lily magnolia, this species is smaller than most other magnolias (to 4m) and blooms in early spring with large pink to purple showy flowers, before the leaves open.

This Japanese Magnolia tree, in our Botanical garden, is all covered with beautiful blossoms.

Japanese magnolia blossom

The upward-facing flowers resemble a tulip, having large firm petals colored in deep purple on the outside and much lighter, pinkish on the inside.

The very popular hybrid, the Saucer magnolia is one of the many descendant of the Tulip magnolia.

Japanese magnolia tree

This lovely bushy tree seems to be content with its sunny and partially shaded spot it is planted on. Being surrounded by other trees and shrubs, this magnolia tree is out of strong winds, and I hope we shall have it this beautiful, every year.

Blossoming Japanese magnolia tree

See pictures of the Japanese mountain magnolia (Magnolia kobus), one of the earliest magnolia species to bloom in spring.


bobbie said...

How very beautiful. It's one I have never owned, but I have admired them each year.

Anonymous said...

They are lovely indeed, gorgeous purple/pink color.

Johnny Nutcase said...

ahhh! magnolia! crazy beautiful trees, love these pictures!

Randi said...

Wow...gorgeous photos, I love magnolia and these are so beautiful!

VP said...

Wonderful images, I have never seen flowers like these. You have already a lot of blossoms, your weather must be much better than ours!

Kathy said...

These blossom are soooo beautiful. I want one of these trees - but I don't think they will grow in the desert. Maybe in another life!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there were so many different magnolias, but these are BEAUTIFUL! I love the purple & pink petals! Great shots!

Hilda said...

Beautiful blossoms in a lovely park!
Have a sweet Scenic Sunday!

Lorac said...

A wonderful touch of spring. Ours won't be out for may weeks yet. Lovely to see these in bloom.

Teresa~ Gardening with Soule said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

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