Medieval Cluj-old pictures of the fortress

I've discovered some old picture of my town and I wanted to share it with you, together with some new pictures of what's left from the medieval Cluj (Kolozsvar-Hungarian name of the city).

Fortress around Cluj (Kolozsvar)in 1666.

In the 13th century the first 45 fortified walls were built around the city of Cluj together with watch towers.


Bastions and defense walls of Cluj (Kolozsvar).
The town is fortified during the 15th century when more walls, the bastions and the defense towers were added.
In the 15th century already existed 20 guilds and about the same number of watch towers. The towers were named after the guild owned, defended and took care of it.


Tailor's bastion - old picture.
Nowadays there are only two towers left of all these.
The Tailors' Bastion is one of them. It was built in the 15th century and rebuilt between 1627 and 1629 and got its name, of course, after the Tailors Guild who defended this part of the city.



James said...

This so fascinating. I love to see photos old buildings and structures and it's even nicer when they can be compared with old photos or drawings.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photographs and beautiful drawings..

Anonymous said...

Le plaisir de vieiulle ville,leurs histoires merci du partage
Bye maia bon WE

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