Our daily spring snowstorm-landscape photos

We are in the middle of March and there is no visible sign of spring outdoors.
I took these pictures ten minutes ago, we are just having our daily snow storm.
Snow falls almost horizontally and the other side of the road is barely visible.
The houses on the hill are clearly visible on sunny days but now they are wrapped in clouds.
The first is a raw picture but I cleared up the next two a bit.
Our daily spring snowstorm
Snow melts in the same time it falls to the ground, so I can have my puddles for great puddle shots.
Snowstorm for spring
A few minutes later the landscape is white again and I so much would like to change it to green and yellow, like dandelions and daffodils.
Still is is good to know that there are a few things left that humans can't fix, like weather.
Snowstorm in spring


bobbie said...

Hang in there. Spring WILL come. But yes, I agree that it is a good thing that we cannot "fix" everything. We do manage to make a mess of things too often when we try that.

Anonymous said...

Mother Nature is the best!

diane b said...

Still snowing! It looks cold but pretty.

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