Winter reflections on a cloudy day

Reflections are very pour in color on a cloudy winter day.
These are some photos captured at our local parks lake.
They are the wordless definition of cool colors.

Winter reflections

I post an autumn shot too; to alternate the mood.

Autumn colors-reflection

I took some photos in autumn on the same spot and if you look at them, you will not believe it is the same place. The next is a winter shot too.

Winter reflections in the park

Weekend is reflection time and I can't wait to see other participants' photos at Weekend reflections, hosted by James.


Carletta said...

Excellent refections!
I really like the first one. The building looks like part of a castle so the image appears very fairytale like to me.

VioletSky said...

I, too, really like the first one. It has a certain mystery about it.

James said...

I like the top one best. The look of the branches and leaves in front of the reflection is really nice.

Johnny Nutcase said...

really like that second one with the bridge, great reflection!

VP said...

Both beautiful images, I can't say which one I like more...

cieldequimper said...


Nefertiti said...

quel ambiance,bravo superbes photos ! ;O)

ruma said...

This scenery is a really beautiful reflection.
Various colors constitute the scene.
The whole these landscapes is works of art.

Thank you for showing a splendid view.

From the Far East.
Best regards.

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