Yellow Forsythia bushes in spring-landscape photos

Nature really knows how to be grateful for spring's arrival.
Trees, bushes, shrubs are wearing their most colorful clothes, like these yellow forsythia bushes.
These vibrant, golden-yellow bushes are among the first plants that light up the spring landscape, celebrating nature's rebirth.
Yellow bushes-spring colors
Yellow shrubs in spring

See more late spring-early summer flowering shrubs and bushes:
- yellow rose shrub - Canary Bird rose.
- St John's wort - Hypericum.


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

These yellow trees are so beautiful when they are grown like this. We have a similar tree, they line the road, and is not as impressive as yours.

gemini said...

These yellow shrubs really made the whole perspective happy and alive.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photographs Maia.

Victoria said...

Gorgeous...they look magical and whimsical! beautiful

Anonymous said...

Grosse différence d'avec nous.
Bye Maia

SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful, there is nothing like yellow in the early days so spring. They look so cheerful.

Joe Todd said...

Just love the color of Spring

Joyce said...

Forsythia bushes always say it is Spring to me and always make me smile!

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