Waiting for waterlilies to bloom-landscape reflection

We are waiting for waterlilies to bloom.
In front of this water tower there are several pools for waterlilies.
In April waterlilies are planted in pots at the bottom of these pools. It will take some time till they grow and blossom, somewhere at the end of May or in June depending on the weather.
Water tower in Botanical Garden Cluj
This picture was taken last year, in May, also in the Botanical Garden. The foliage of the plants is beautiful but the flowers are just buds.
In the meantime, we can admire the reflections of the surrounding area in the water surface of these pools.
Water tower reflection
Trees reflection in pool
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Last tulips this spring-tulip photos

I've spent a few hours in the Botanical Garden yesterday.
Tulips are still blooming and beautiful there. Probably these are the last ones for this year.
Some people say, white is no color for a flower. I still love white flowers.
White tulips
And now, some colored tulips too.
Dark pink tulips
Violet and yellow tulips
Tulip garden
Yellow double tulip-macro
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Yellow dandelion carpet-spring scene

I took these pictures on my short a walk in the park. Lovely dandelions are glowing in the sunshine covering the ground with a beautiful yellow carpet.
Dandelions are just a lawn pest for gardeners but for many people they are the symbol of life and happiness.
Also, dandelion is a powerful medicine for those who know its beneficial effects.
Spring dandelions on the park alley
Isn't it beautiful, the green patch of grass highlighted with the bright yellow dandelion flowers.
Dandelion carpet-spring scene
If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.
- Andrew V. Mason
Yellow dandelion carpet-landscape photo
If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.
- Andrew V. Mason
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Reflections in the Mill Race-outdoor scenery

I took a short walk a few days ago to capture some beautiful wildflower. The wind was blowing so hard that macro photography was out of question. Though I came home with many outdoor scenery photos. Here are some of them for Weekend reflections.

This is the Mill Race (Canalul Morii-Romanian), an artificial channel, that crosses the town. It is divided from the main river (Somesul Mic), right before the dam.

Reflection in the Mill Race
This channel was the fuel for 12 watermills beginning from the 14 century, and people say, the water was so clear in the 60th that you could drink of it. Now, that all has changed and it is a great subject of contradictory discussions; some people want to cover it and others want it to be cleaned and kept as a tourist attraction.
Trees reflecting in the Mill Race
The mills don't exist any more, I couldn't find at least one picture of them.
Reflection in the creek
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Dreaming of a white dove-park scene

Over the centuries, white doves have been the symbol of love, peace and hope.

Sleep tight, sleep tight.
Know everything is alright.
Sweet dreams, sweet dreams.
It is never as real as it seems.

Sleep on, sleep on.
For no matter how dark or how long
It may seem that your night is
I will still be here.

I will still be here watching, watching over you.
So sleep, little darling, sleep on through.

~Emerson, Lake & Palmer~

Dreaming of a white pigeon-park scene

White cream peony tulips-macro photos

It is that day with flowers again. Here are my tulip photos for Macro Flowers Saturday.
These late peony tulips with their fluffy flower head are lovely spring blooms and fascinating macro photography subjects.
White-pink flamed, peony tulip-macro photo
peony tulip white-yellow-tulip-macro photo

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1
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Maia, the Chow Chow dog - pet photos

Meet Maia, my neighbor's Chow Chow pet!
Chow Chows are an ancient breed of northern Chinese origin, all-purpose dogs of China used for hunting, herding, pulling and protection of the home.
This one is just a lovely companion, a giant best friend.
Chow Chow dog sittingIsn't she a masterpiece of beauty with this dark golden coat and her strong, wet paws? She just checked the water temperature in the creek.
She is so friendly and lovable and she can't fool me neither with her scowling expression nor with her strong musculature or heavy bones.
Beautiful Chow Chow dog
Look at that blue-black tongue, unique for Chow Chows and her broad muzzle.
Chow Chow dog on the sidewalk
Though we share the same name and I love her, she doesn't seam to be impressed by my chit-chat with her master or by the photo session.

Chow Chow dog on sidewalk
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Cityscape reflections-reflection photos

Here I am, at my favorite playground again. I already posted reflection photos from this place in a previous post, in winter and I promised that I'll post photos about the content of this glass covered, underground box. Well, you can see them in the last picture.
Old center of Cluj Napoca
Cityscape reflection
Continental hotel of Cluj in the mirrorThese archeological finds suppose to be the remains of an ancient Roman fortress that first existed here.
I couldn't find any exact recording of these stones. The memorial plate under the glass speaks about the history of this main square in general.
Archeological discoveriesI often take pictures here, from different angles and positions. I saw people looking strange at me, they probably can't understand what is there to photograph on some stones.
I think, nobody ever took notice of the reflections.

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Time travel through history-part 1-cityscapes

I enjoy very much looking at these old pictures of my town.
I invite you to travel with me through history in different times.
This is the Hero's Avenue today, it connects two important squares of the old center; the oldest Union square (main square) and the Avram Iancu square.
There is not much change on the architecture over the centuries, though I must admit that developers did a great job by painting the buildings in barbie town colors.
Hero's Avenue in Cluj Napoca-year 2009
The next pictures are captured from the opposite direction, the other end of the avenue.
Hero's avenue Cluj Napoca-2010
I can see a little train there in the middle of the road in the first photo, left.
Transportation is definitely changed, though the old was more environment friendly.

See some great reflection of the buildings at the end of the street.
Thanks for keeping company!

Spring in the park-landscape photos

On my way home a took a detour through the park to inspect spring changes and take some pictures.
The lake is ready for visitors, big fake ducks and small real ducks are all on the lake. Now we need just a little more sunshine.The lake in spring
Boats are waiting for visitorsThe little bird feeder will not be needed any more for a while.
Spring landscape at the lakeThe city employers are just planting fresh pansies.
Fountain in the park

Pink tulips-tulip pictures

Tulips are one of my favorite spring flowers .
Here are some more tulip photos.
Beautiful pink tulips
Pink tulip photos
May God bless and comfort Poland!

Poland's highest military and civilian leaders died on Saturday when the presidential plane, carrying the Polish officials, crashed and the nation’s entire leadership was wiped out in a single plane crash.
The fact that the President and Polish delegation were traveling to the village of Katyn to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Russian massacre of Polish prisoners of war perhaps adds yet another level of sadness to this tragedy.

The death of 100 people is a tragical loss for the whole mankind.
May their souls rest in peace!

My thoughts and prayers are with my Polish friends from blogosphere and the people of Poland, in their struggle to recover from this enormous tragedy.
God bless you all!

Pink spring blossoms-plum blossom macros

In the last two day it is raining almost all the time. The beautiful spring blossoms are already falling down from the trees because of the rain.
For a few minutes the rain stopped and even the sun came out, just enough time to take some photos.
Pink plum blossoms
Plum blossom in the grass
Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1
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I am in a very "rainy" mood but I've found some beautiful music to make the rain go away.
If you feel alike and like good music and if you are old enough for it, come and join me.
Remember when you were young,
You shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Now there's a look in your eyes,
Like black holes in the sky.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Sit back and let Pink Floyd make magic with real live music. These guys have never heard about playback but they perform with their souls.


Spring trees and sky-reflection in the puddle

Half of the day sunny and the other half, rainy; these are the perfect conditions for lovely puddle shots.
It's Friday again, time for weekend reflections at Newtown Area.
Nature, trees and sky, reflecting in the puddle is what I am looking for in the park and puddles we have plenty.
Trees are mostly bare, just starting to bring new leaves, letting the sky to look in the mirror too, between the branches.
Trees and sky-reflection in a puddle
This little fellow is walking round and round the puddle and he keeps coming back to me.
At first, I thought he wants some food or just to keep me company but now I think he wants to take his picture home to his family.
Pigeon near a puddle
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Today's sunset-April sunset photos

This is today's sunset, captured half an hour ago.
It was a beautiful day but it will not stay so for long.
Except this western spot, the whole sky is covered with black cloud, as in the top-right corner of the first picture.
Spring sunset photo
April sunset

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