Cityscape reflections-reflection photos

Here I am, at my favorite playground again. I already posted reflection photos from this place in a previous post, in winter and I promised that I'll post photos about the content of this glass covered, underground box. Well, you can see them in the last picture.
Old center of Cluj Napoca
Cityscape reflection
Continental hotel of Cluj in the mirrorThese archeological finds suppose to be the remains of an ancient Roman fortress that first existed here.
I couldn't find any exact recording of these stones. The memorial plate under the glass speaks about the history of this main square in general.
Archeological discoveriesI often take pictures here, from different angles and positions. I saw people looking strange at me, they probably can't understand what is there to photograph on some stones.
I think, nobody ever took notice of the reflections.

Visit Weekend Reflections at New Town Area, hosted by James to see what beautiful reflections other participants discovered.


cieldequimper said...

These are great, I especially love the first one. It's good to live with what was before. Lovely post!

James said...

It's a beautiful town and the reflections are excellent. It's also really cool that the remains ancient Roman fortress are still there.

Carolyn Ford said...

This is SO spectacular! What a scene! I wonder if the people sitting around are enjoying the reflections too? Or, is it us, with cameras that only notice them?

Beth Niquette said...

What a fascinating post. What an elegant, stunning set of photos. They fill my eyes--which is the greatest compliment I can give. I could go on looking, and looking and...

Anonymous said...

Magic. I think the first image wins the prize for composition and color and the reflection is super.

Julie said...

I often get people watch what I am photographing. I no longer let it bother me. They just think I am more professional than I really am.

I love reflections of a city landscape like this, especially your third image where you have the building on the diagonal included.

Good post here ...

SquirrelQueen said...

The reflections are magnificent, what a beautiful area of the city.

I wonder too if people passing by notice the reflections or notice the history beneath the glass.

Pat said...

A try photographer notices the oddest things! :) Great reflection pictures!

Unknown said...

Great photographs Maia.
Have a nice weekend

Clytie said...

Beautiful! The reflections are gorgeous, and the stones are fascinating. We should all take note of history like this!

I love what Julie said - I have my camera around my neck all the time, and people actually think I'm a professional photographer! Snicker. If they only knew!

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