Antique bird cages-vintage collectibles

In this old house there is a vintage shop, selling vintage house decorations, antique furniture, paintings and many other vintage collectibles.
Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take photos in the shop but in the yard.
Despite the dust settled everywhere, this place is so cozy; I should like to spend some more time taking photos here but I am a little bit stressed by the owner who is sitting on a bench, guessing where shall I use these photos.
Yard with vintage collectibles
At the first look all these vintage garden decorations and antique collectibles, hanging on the outside of the walls, look like junk but at a closer look there are many interesting things too. Look at this fanciful wooden bird cage, such an elaborate and detailed structure.
Vintage bird cage-antique hand carved wooden bird cage 

These vintage brass bird cages are beautiful too.
Antique brass bird cages

There are a huge number of vintage plant hangers and more bird cages hanging everywhere on the house walls. On the bottom-right side of the next picture there is a huge parrot cage with two beautiful parrots in it.
Vintage plant hangersHere is a closer look. I would even go closer but I can read on the owner's face expression that it's time to say thanks.
Parrot in a birdcageThank God, I forget to charge my batteries as I don't know when it's time to stop, when taking photos.
Just one more photo, a vintage wooden house model, lovely old piece too.
Antique wooden house model


cat said...

You show us some really lovely old things here. Shame about the grumpy shopkeeper. I would have loved to see more :)

Unknown said...

I love the second and the last one...
It's so cool and artistic!


mARTy said...

the second one is great- cool artwork, nice shot.

Biana said...

I love it!!!

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