Diesel, the Westie has a friend

Diesel is our (my neighbor's) sweet Westie (West Highland White Terrier).
Westie portrait-West Highland White Terrier photo
I am Diesel and I'm often sitting here, waiting for my master to finish his work.

It is so boring, I would play with anyone but nobody has time for me.

But look, there is another puppy passing by!
HEY YOU! Come play with me, I have grandma's yummy cookie in this box!
Play with me, I have a cookie for you!

Two white puppies
You smell so nice, what a petty
that you are a boy too!
Don't be so shy, give me a kiss!
Puppies kissing
Kissing puppies
You taste good but I
prefer girls, no offense!

Wresling puppies
You can have it,
I really need some exercise!

Puppies playing
Diesel gives up
I give up! My master is coming and
we must deliver that cake to grandma's.


bobbie said...

These pups are so cute I can't stand it. Would love to play with them.

Janie said...

What a cute pup. He seems to have a very agreeable friend to romp with.

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

LOL What a funny photo story! Thanks for sharing this with us on Camera Critters :)

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

How cute! Diesel and his friend are having a good time.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photos of these cute dogs.

Anonymous said...

That is just too adorable for words!

Bagafarna said...

Nice photos, nice dogs!

Asifur Rahman said...


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