Weeping Willow Tree bending in the wind

It's a windy day and the weeping willow trees on the river banks are gently "weeping" their branches.
The graceful weeping willow is a famous, usually sad subject in many cultures, source of inspiration for art and poetry.
Weeping willow in the park

The leaves and bark of the willow tree contain salicylic acid, the precursor to aspirin.
The Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wrote about its medicinal properties in the 5th century BC.

Weeping willow

This small park is in reconstruction and somebody took his job very seriously by cutting almost all branches of the old weeping willows.

Weeping willow branches
Here is the lyric of a popular song composed in 1932 by Ann Ronell:
Oh, Weeping willow tree
Willow weep for me
Willow weep for me
Bend your branches green along the stream that runs to sea
Listen to my plea
Hear me willow and weep for me

Gone my lovers dream
Lovely summer dream
Gone and left me here to weep my tears into the stream
Sad as I can be
Hear me willow and weep for me

Whisper to the wind and say that love has sinned
Left my heart a-breaking, and making a moan
Murmur to the night to hide its starry light
So none will see me sighing and crying all alone

Oh, Weeping willow tree
Weep in sympathy
Bend your branches down along the ground and cover me
When the shadows fall, hear me willow and weep for me.


Unknown said...

I was about to ask you if it was a windy day! :-) The willow looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Amazing series and thank you for the enlightenment.

A home far away said...

Lovely windy photos:9

Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

Mimmi said...

It was beautiful photos you've uploaded:) and incredibly well photographed

Biana said...

I love the perspective of the last photo, beautiful!

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