Old garden roses

The rose, the queen of summer flowers is to be seen in every garden or even near the sidewalk.
We should be used to roses, they are such common flowers and still irresistible.
I can't resit not to stop and admire them each time I see roses on the streets, even when I'm in a hurry.

These are probably not old garden roses but some hybrid tea roses. There are so many rose hybrids, I find it impossible to identify them by name.
Roses in the garden
These orange-yellow roses are gorgeous. I always lose the sense of time when I start taking photos of flowers. Golden roses
White rose-macro
Center of a rose-macro
See also some beautiful climbing roses.


Dani said...

the first and the second are my faves..great collection of flowers, anyway.

Have a flower day!

Unknown said...

Love your beautiful roses.
can smell them from here.

Average Girl said...

Oh so beautiful!

Joanne Olivieri said...

maia, these are spectacular shots. The second one with the water droplets is just so refreshing and gorgeous. Fantastic photos.

ruma said...

Expresia de culori este foarte profund...


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