Sunflower-Helianthus annuus-pictures

Sunflowers, Helianthus_annuus, these beautiful, bright flowers with simple petal layers, double or the fluffy, teddy bear petaled Sunflower, they are among my summer favorites.
There are so many garden varieties of sunflowers, in colors from very pale yellows to dark, burgundy reds and all shades of yellow that it is hard to choose from the gorgeous bouquets at the flower market.
Bright sunflower against blue sky
Sunflower-close up
Sunflower middle
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Visit to the Flower center

Flower centers are usually out of town and therefor not easily accessible if you don't have much time. But that has changed now, a new flower center opened at the western city border and that's a 30 minutes walk for me.
I just discovered this wonderful place and I've spent about three hours there, photographing.
New  flowers center
Summer is almost over and garden flowers are not exactly the sensation of the moment but they still catch your eye.
Garden flowersInside the center, the many exotic flowers and tropical plants are breathtaking for those like me, who can't see such beauties in nature.
Exotic flowersA corner of cactus world.
Cactus world
This is the gorgeous Medinilla Magnifica, native to the Philippines.
Medinilla magnifica
Those who named it, found it magnificent too. It's a petty, it's too big for my home.
I was lucky that my batteries died and I left voluntarily, spearing the employees from the unpleasant situation of throwing me out.
Medinilla magnifica-close upThat's it for now, you can see more beautiful flowers from this visit at my other blog at Macro Flower pictures.
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Evening walk-sunset at the river

An evening walk at the river banks at sunset is what most people prefer on a hot summer day.
The river is at five minutes walk from my place and a nice walk is the only escape from the afternoon heat. All the neighborhood is out there to cool down, old and young, bikers and dogs with their owners enjoy the beauty of a summer sunset.
Sunset gold on water
Evening walk
Sun kissed riverThose just learning to walk,
Learning to walkthose tired of walking,
Tired of walkingor those who want to capture on film wildflowers , cattails and nature's beauties have their place here.
Cattails and wildflowers
This cattail close-up is for Macro Flowers Saturday,

Common cattail close-up

Crepuscular beams at sunset-spotlight in the sky

Today at sunset, mostly because of the heat, but also to take some photos, I decided to take a walk in the neighborhood.
When I looked up at the sky, there was this beautiful spotlight among the clouds.
I find these crepuscular beams a fascinating natural phenomena, so I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and began to take photos.

Sunset spotlight
Firework in the sky
The display on the sky was changing every minute, still I've got more admiration (or pity) from by-passers than the beautiful show on the sky.
Spotlight in the sky
See another amazing sunlight column above the forest I see from my window.

Bouquet in reflection-raindrop macro

Raindrops on a lovely pot marigold bouquet is today's setup. Raindrop reflections are my favorite photo subjects lately.
Bouquet in reflection
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Rose of Sharon-Hibiscus syriacus

This beautiful flowering shrub, the Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus), loves the summer heat.
In midsummer, the Rose of Sharon, also known as hardy hibiscus or althaea, bursts into bloom and bring a bit of tropical beauty to more temperate climates.
The delightful flowers with satin-smooth petals, come in shades of white, lavender, pink and red with lots of variety in between.
Rose of Sharon-Hibiscus syriacus
Rose of Sharon bushes grow to a medium sized shrub 2m(7ft) tall and are very popular as hedges and border plants. They can be trimmed for a neat, colorful hedge at the desired size and they blooms from summer through fall.
Rose of Sharon-pink
Rose of Sharon bushes love to be in full sun all day long and they don't need much care.
White Rose of Sharon-macro photography
Althea bushes attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, though here by us, we have just the tropical look of the flowers, no hummingbirds. I've never seen such a magic little bird, that can also fly backwards.
Rose of Sharon-hardy hibiscus

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Purple orchid

I can't stop taking photos of my new orchids.
This purple orchid is my youngest, it has just one stem but loaded with flowers.
Purple orchid on black
Purple orchid macro
A few orchid reflections too.
Orchid reflection
Raindrops on orchid bud
See my white orchid too.
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