Evening walk-sunset at the river

An evening walk at the river banks at sunset is what most people prefer on a hot summer day.
The river is at five minutes walk from my place and a nice walk is the only escape from the afternoon heat. All the neighborhood is out there to cool down, old and young, bikers and dogs with their owners enjoy the beauty of a summer sunset.
Sunset gold on water
Evening walk
Sun kissed riverThose just learning to walk,
Learning to walkthose tired of walking,
Tired of walkingor those who want to capture on film wildflowers , cattails and nature's beauties have their place here.
Cattails and wildflowers
This cattail close-up is for Macro Flowers Saturday,

Common cattail close-up


Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

It will be a few more weeks till I can photograph a cattail - I always wondered what they were called.

Looks like a lovely spot to cool down.

Unknown said...

Beautiful sunset...
...and walk.

James said...

Beautiful shots! What a wonderful place to walk.

Larry said...

Hi Maia... it's been awhile since I've seen your blog... I love the photo of the cattails with white water... very effective! Hope you are doing well... Larry

Jama said...

What an enjoyable walk that must have been , with such beautiful view surrounding.

Janneke said...

Great shots!
What a beautiful place to walk ;o)

EG CameraGirl said...

What a gorgeous evening at the river.

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