Between the lakes-sunset photos

Between the lakes is the name of a small area in the eastern part of my town.
This afternoon I was visiting there and I remembered that the name comes from the lakes that existed here, long time ago.
There are so many new malls and buildings in this area but I could see some weeping willows in the distance, showing directions to the lake.
Marasti neighborhood-Cityscape
Sunset near a lake is always a beautiful view, especially in autumn colors.
I took these photos a few hours ago.
Sunset reflection
Autumn evening near the lake
A few people were enjoying the last sun rays of the day in these old boats that can be hired at the banks.
Calm evening in a boat
I was hoping for some reflection photos but the wind was blowing hard enough to spoil my plans.
The old lake


Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Very scenic Maia and the evening sunshine looks lovely in that 2nd photo. I love seeing the willows reaching down and touching the water. Despite what you say I think you have some lovely reflections - especially in the last photo.

DoanLegacy said...

Gorgeous shots and beautiful scenery!

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