Outdoor cooking-International Championship 2010 at Cluj

Last weekend, between the 10th and the 12th September , the fourth edition of the International Championship of outdoor cooking was held in Cluj Napoca, the biggest gourmet event in Romania.
International Championship of outdoor cooking-2010 Cluj
From Friday to Sunday, 40 professional and amateur chefs and teams were competing for supremacy, from different countries, Greece, Finland, Israel, Austria and Romania .

1. Cold dishes, sweets

The first day was reserved for the cold dishes competition, sweets and pastry.
Fruit cake

2. Open air cooking competition

On Saturday, cooking was done on outdoor fireplaces, charcoal grills and brick ovens.

Lamb fries(testicles) with rooster comb was one interesting delicacy.

The worldwide famous Hungarian gulyas leves is cooked here, in these huge kettles, with the recipe written on the tent.
Hungarian Gulyas
Ram on the grill.
Ram on the grill
Other funny improvisations:

This is a Dobrogean pie, with sweet cheese and raisins cooked in an improvised brick oven.
Dobrogean pie with sweet cheese and raisins
The big moment, the comity is here.
The Transylvanian kurtoskalacs is another of the attractions of the day. See how it is made and take the recipe.

3. Gourmet shows:

On Sunday many famous guest chefs, like Maestro Catana George with desert for 200 people, Maestro Fatol Ioan – Food for Business People, Melinda Okos – Szilvas Gomboc - making 200 plum dumplings and many others participated on the Gourmet - Culture project.

Tibi Kiss Budai and his team of 20 chefs set a new world record for the Guinness Book, in frying chickens. They managed to fry 210 chickens in one pan, in less than two hours. Read more about this record in my next post.

It was an entertaining and exhausting weekend for the people of Cluj, three days of eating and tasting all kind of goodies.
Outdoor cooking competition
Visit Scenic Sunday for many beautiful scenery photo.


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I love cooking shows. When is the next one? I shall go first to the lamb fry aka mountain oysters.

When I was little, my mum always gave the rooster fry to my brother, and saying girls are not allowed. I was just talking to my husband last week.

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