Yellow wildflowers- macro pictures of flowers

These tiny, yellow wildflowers don't mind the cold autumn nights, unlike our beautiful garden flowers. They have the same bright colors yet and still look fresh.

This little yellow flower is the Linaria vulgaris, also called Butter-and-eggs and sometimes, Foxglove.
Yellow flower macro-Linaria vulgaris
The Linaria vulgaris is part of the snapdragon family and it looks like a miniature snapdragon flower. The little critter likes the bright flowers too.
Linaria vulgaris-Foxglove macro
This one is the Lotus corniculatus or "birdsfoot trefoil", another common, yellow wildflower.
Yellow flower-Lotus corniculatus macro
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Unknown said...

Beautiful close ups Maia.

Marie said...

Lovely :-)

Maaike said...

very pretty!

Joanne Olivieri said...

These are just so sweet and lovely. Beautiful macros

~✽Mumsy✽~ said...

These are gorgeous photos, Maia! The shade of yellow in these flowers are more to my liking..

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