Cat chewing house plants-video

This is Missy, my neighbor's new kitty cat.
Missy was adopted from the countryside and just after her arrival I was asked to babysit.
Besides that this little, two spotted devil knocked down my house plants, including the new buds on my Dendrobium, she was a real help at floor dusting. Now I just had to wash the cat.
Cat chewing on an orchid
Orchids are not toxic plants for cats but it's not the cat I'm worried about.
You'll see why, if you watch this short selection of her performance, in this video:

Horses-New faces in town

A few days ago, I went shopping to a supermarket, close to my place.
Guess what?
A few horses were parked near the supermarket, pretending to be a horse rigging school.
Well, it didn't look like one to me, but I quickly forgot about shopping and began to take photos.
Horses at sunsetIt was sunset, dinner time for the horses and a group photo for me.
Please smile!
Horses-dinner timeI see people bringing their children to have fun on a horse back walk, $20 per hour. Isn't that too much? An employer leads the horse, so there is no runaway.
Horseback riddingThis one with the white star must be the favorite.
Horse with a star
This beautiful horse is kept in a separate place but enjoys less favors than the others. Its shelter is so small , he hardly can turn around in it.
Horse with red-white spots

And the cow says MOO!

I can stay in front of this bank till my MOO freezes over. Who would ever invest in Romanian agriculture these days, MOO?

What a world we live in! Even reflections in this glass wall seam to be more attractive than business, MOO!

I admit, it's a beautiful blue sky, on this freezing autumn day, MOO!

The cow in front of the bank is not real, so the tasteless bait for farmers will stay there for long.

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Last Dahlia flowers-autumn flowers

Dahlias are very hardy flowers. We still have a few of them.
The little garden snail came with the Dahlia bouquet, as a bonus.
White Dahlia and garden snail
Yellow Dahlia

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Aututmn rose nectar and critters-macro photography

Slowly wilting autumn roses still have some precious nectar to offer.
A little spider is resting in the shadow, under the petals of this rose.
Autumn rose-macro photography
Spider on a rose
The little grasshopper gathers the last nectar for winter.
Grasshopper feeding on autumn rose-close up
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Helichrysum-Everlasting Strawflower

Helichrysum bracteatum, better known as Strawflower is native to Australia, where it grows as wildflower. It is one of the so called everlasting flowers, a special group of annuals that can be air-dried without losing their color or form.
Strawflowers, with their beautiful colored blooms, are a lovely addition to any garden.
Helichrysum bracteatum-macro photographyHelichrysum bears double daisy-shaped flowerheads which debut during late spring and last through early fall, can even survive light frosts.
The flowers come in a wide range of colors: white, yellow, pink, crimson, and bronze.
The papery petals of strawflowers are in fact modified leaves, called bracts, with a straw-like, crackly texture, which surround the central corolla.
Helichrysum-Strawflower macroEspecially beautiful is the pompom-like flowerhead of the double flowered cultivars, used in dried floral arrangements and house-hold decorations.

The papery bracts dry beautifully without losing their color or shape, and they last for years.
Purple Helichrysum-Strawflower macroCut the flowers for drying when blooms are at least 3/4 open, before the yellow centers are visible.
Air dry them upside down in a warm dark area to preserve their color.

Low growing cultivars are perfect for edging and in patio containers, while the taller and bushier ones go nicely in mixed borders and in the cut flower garden.

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