And the cow says MOO!

I can stay in front of this bank till my MOO freezes over. Who would ever invest in Romanian agriculture these days, MOO?

What a world we live in! Even reflections in this glass wall seam to be more attractive than business, MOO!

I admit, it's a beautiful blue sky, on this freezing autumn day, MOO!

The cow in front of the bank is not real, so the tasteless bait for farmers will stay there for long.

Visit Weekend reflections at James, for beautiful reflection photos!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hello Sweet Friend...
Another beautiful share today.

Now that is the last thing I would expect to find at the Bank. A MOO cow. So cute. Do you think they will give away a little MOO-la? (Or money? I didn't think so either.) Sure do love the cow though.

The reflection of the city in the glass is magnificent, what a beautiful day. Thank you for sharing with me.

Have a gorgeous weekend sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Sylvia K said...

What fun, terrific reflections for the day! Gorgeous blue skies regardless of the temperature. We could sure use some of those here in Seattle!! Have a great Mooing weekend!


jeff campbell said...

Very nice shots...I especially like number 2 and 3...well done ;-) Peace

Lesley said...

Nice curved windows. And that is a gorgeous shade of blue in your sky!

Janie said...

The reflections in the buildings are beautiful. The cow, though... I don't know about that cow convincing me that I should do business there.

Jeannette StG said...

Yeah, the cow made me smile! So out of place:)

'Tsuki said...

It is quite a set of windows reflections you've here... The mooo ! one is simply amazing.

anumorchy said...

For me this looks like a he-cow!

Shirley said...

Great reflections!

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