Cooking for a homeless dog

Cooking for a homeless dog is, for sure, more rewarding as cooking for yourself.

I was watching this dog from my window since yesterday. I've often seen it on the street these last days but now it is on the property across the street, belonging to a company. They probably accepted the poor dog to stay.
Last evening the dog was just lying there; at first I thought it's a sack, a plastic bag or something alike.
Homeless dog asking for food
There is also a church on the land of this company and on Sundays, like today, many people come to the church.
The poor dog wages its tail friendly and follows every passer-by, but no one has some food for him.
Whatever I was doing in the house, I found myself looking out of the window, over and over again.
Dog foodIt is so unfair that, while cats can provide food for themselves, dogs can't.

As I couldn't watch any more that poor animal begging for food, I started cooking for the dog. I don't cook for myself, I'm too lazy for that, but a hungry dog is different.

There is a good piece of smoked ham (jambon) in the freezer; I don't like eating from the freezer anyway.
Cooking for a homeless dog
I added a potato and the dog soup was ready.

Now, I just have to smash these potatoes and add some black bread (to my taste).

Yammy! It smells so good!

I hope I can pass this container underneath the fence, because I don't want to go in there.
Homeless dog story
That was quick; in a few seconds the container was empty. But it was definitely worth the effort, it had a stronger effect on me as a pain killer.
The poor animal is so dirty that the water turned brown as soon as the dog began to drink.
Unfortunately, I can't take them all home. I tried that too, once, and it was a expensive lesson to learn not to do it ever again.

Mallard island

This little island with the old Casino building in the background is one of the emblems of my town.
The island is Mallard land, all over the year, except winter.
Last weekend, when I took these photos, I thought these beautiful autumn days will last a little longer. The ducks were in no hurry to leave either.
Guardians of the lake
(Click the pictures to enlarge.)
Lake in autumnThis is a unique Mallard mail, with a black head. All the rest have the usual green or blue coloration on their heads.
Mail Mallard with black headTomorrow, on my Sunday walk I'll check if the are still here, now that winter came so suddenly.
Mallard ducksThis is the well known scene of retired mails playing card or some other games, in the hut of the park. I wonder if these mails are still there.
Relaxing in the park hut
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Softly the evening came

And softly the evening came.
How bravely Autumn paints upon the sky
The gorgeous fame of Summer which is fled!
~Thomas Hood

Softly the evening came
How like a queen comes forth the lonely Moon
From the slow opening curtains of the clouds
Walking in beauty to her midnight throne!
~George Croly, Diana
The lonely Moon

Beautiful autumn-lake scenes

We should have autumn now but, except the rusty colors, everything looks like in spring.
I wonder if the ducks can be fooled by the weather, though their biological weather man is more accurate as ours.
Autumn at the lake
Rusty trees-autumn scene
The ducks are enjoying the beautiful days at the park's lake and make a terrible noise with their happy quack.
Happy ducks in the autumn sun
See more autumn colors in the silence of a peaceful autumn field.

End of day-sunset

"The sunrise is Gods greeting - the sunset, his signature."
"Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn."
Golden sky at sunset
"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Sunday walk-sunny autumn day

It's another beautiful autumn day, perfect for a nice walk and some sunny photos.
Autumn river scene with reflectionSome small white flowers are still blooming, near the river.
River scene in autumnThe rose hips are ripe and they are everywhere.
Rosehip-closeupThough, I prefer to buy some than get wet.
Rosehips near the river

Geranium-pink and crimson

Geraniums are so common flowers but sometimes, they have beautiful colors. I like the crimson veined pink petals of this one.
They look almost fake in this close up photo.
Pink-crimson geranium close up
This is a more realistic view.
Pink and crimson geraniums
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Painted November sunset

After just two cloudy days and a few raindrops, today the beautiful blue sky was back.
For middle November, we have unusual high temperatures (18 - 20°C) during the day, so I went out to make some photo reserves for winter.
Autumn sky
The days are much shorter though. While spending time with a few wildflower, the sun was already gone.
November river sunset
The wind was working hard all they to paint the sky in beautiful red and golden colors for sunset.
Golden clouds on the horizon
I captured these photos a few hours ago and they are straight out of the camera. Please, pardon me for those electricity lines.
November sunset
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Red autumn berries-fruits

There are many colorful berries to collect in autumn, though you must be very well informed about the nature of the berries; many of them are edible but some are dangerously toxic.

This is a cluster of ripe crabapple fruits (Malus toringo). Crabapples are grown as ornamental trees, for their beautiful flowers or fruit. These small fruits are precious food for birds, larvae and caterpillars.
A cluster of ripe crab apple fruits
The shiny, sticky, red berries in the next picture are honeysuckle berries.
I took the pictures in September, not much was left of them at that time.
In a few species of honeysuckle, the berries are edible but most of them are mildly toxic.
These are the berries of the fragrant Goldflame Honeysuckle (Lonicera heckrotti) and they are not edible.
Goldflame Honeysuckle berries

Yellow phalaenopsis-pictures of orchids

Can you smile as joyful as these two speckled orchids do?
Yellow orchids smiling
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Flowers for the dead

All Saints Day (1st November)followed by All Souls Day (2nd November) are old Christian holiday, though most people celebrate this day as The Day of the Dead.
I love this day, I love to see the cemeteries decorated with flower and candle light.
I always have the impression that people have their heart filled with more love and goodness than usually.
Even those who shoved their way through the crowd on the alley, seam to be more gentle, inside the cemetery.
Thus, I think it's not the meaning of the day but the place itself is that achieves this transformation.
Cemetery on the Day of Dead
Flowers for the dead
Despite all these imposing crypts

Central cemetery-Cluj Napoca
some will be forgotten

while others will always be remembered.

Brassai Samuel grave

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