Cooking for a homeless dog

Cooking for a homeless dog is, for sure, more rewarding as cooking for yourself.

I was watching this dog from my window since yesterday. I've often seen it on the street these last days but now it is on the property across the street, belonging to a company. They probably accepted the poor dog to stay.
Last evening the dog was just lying there; at first I thought it's a sack, a plastic bag or something alike.
Homeless dog asking for food
There is also a church on the land of this company and on Sundays, like today, many people come to the church.
The poor dog wages its tail friendly and follows every passer-by, but no one has some food for him.
Whatever I was doing in the house, I found myself looking out of the window, over and over again.
Dog foodIt is so unfair that, while cats can provide food for themselves, dogs can't.

As I couldn't watch any more that poor animal begging for food, I started cooking for the dog. I don't cook for myself, I'm too lazy for that, but a hungry dog is different.

There is a good piece of smoked ham (jambon) in the freezer; I don't like eating from the freezer anyway.
Cooking for a homeless dog
I added a potato and the dog soup was ready.

Now, I just have to smash these potatoes and add some black bread (to my taste).

Yammy! It smells so good!

I hope I can pass this container underneath the fence, because I don't want to go in there.
Homeless dog story
That was quick; in a few seconds the container was empty. But it was definitely worth the effort, it had a stronger effect on me as a pain killer.
The poor animal is so dirty that the water turned brown as soon as the dog began to drink.
Unfortunately, I can't take them all home. I tried that too, once, and it was a expensive lesson to learn not to do it ever again.


EG CameraGirl said...

That was very kind of you!

Anonymous said...

So pleased to meet a fellow dog-lover...your story was great! On our recent trip, we came across hungry stray several times. The best we could offer them were cheeseburgers, minus the bun, from fast food restaurants. The way they were gobbled down let us know these guys appreciated getting anything at all to eat! Wish I could have brought the dogs home with us, though.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by my place...:)

Anonymous said...

Maia - it did my heart good to read and see what you've done for that poor animal. The world needs more people like you!

Hooked on Memes said...

Such a touching story! I agree with the previous writer, the world needs more Maias.

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